Summer Skip-a-Pay

Out of lives? Down for the count? On the bench? No matter how you want to phrase it, expenses have gotten the better of you. Fortunately, we’ve got the perfect way to help you get back in there. You’re eligible to skip your loan payments in July, August… or both!* Money that would usually go to that auto loan and credit card payments can stay right there in your pocket.  You will need to complete this form for each loan you wish to skip payments on.

Score some points with our help and kick your finances back into high gear.

Name *
Select the month(s) you wish to skip *
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I authorize the payment for the $35 processing fee PER loan PER month by (select one) *
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Today's Date *
Today's Date
By submitting this form, I understand that I am authorizing payments of $35 per loan per month on selected loans. I am requesting an extension of time be given for payment(s) due in July, August or both July & August. I understand that finance charges will continue to accrue and my repayment schedule will be extended approximately one month for each month I choose. Normal payments will resume at the same terms specified in the original credit agreement(s) and all provisions of the original credit agreement(s), except those changed by this agreement, remain in full force and effect. All borrowers, co-borrowers, and co-signers must agree and will be contacted about this request. *

*Offer expires August 26, 2019. Subject to approval; some restrictions apply. Chabot FCU reserves the right to revoke this offer if your account is delinquent. There is a fee of $35 for each loan for each month. This offer is not applicable for real estate loans except home equity lines of credit. Normal loan transfers, payroll distribution payments and automatic payments from other financial institutions will still occur and will be credited to your Chabot FCU account. If you choose to skip both months, your loan payments will resume in September. Any payments skipped that have GAP coverage may limit a claim for those specific payments. See credit union for details.