Overdraft Services

When you don’t have available funds to cover a transaction, an overdraft is incurred on your account. The available funds you see is your account balance reflecting all deposit holds and authorized transactions waiting to clear. Your available balance may not include pending Bill Pay transactions or checks you have written that have not been cleared for payment. You may check your available balance online via mobile banking, at an ATM, by telephone or at our office.

  • Get the safety and confidence of overdraft protection on your checking account.

To enroll in an Overdraft Plan, visit our office, call us, email us, or fill out an authorization form. 




Bill Pay is a convenient, one-stop shop feature with our online and mobile banking service that lets you manage your bills, view payees and make payments.



Download our free mobile banking app and manage your financial tasks on the go 24/7 by using your smartphone or tablet.


Manage your money more easily with real-time card activity alerts and 24/7 card controls where you can block, unblock, and set travel notifications for your cards.