Budgeting for Your Dream Vacation


Prior Proper Planning

When planning out your dream vacation, start with a targeted vacation price point. From there, research your destination to estimate your trip’s cost, and work with your travel partner to decide on a realistic number on paper. Next, coordinate a savings timeline to reach your goal. For example, saving $100 dollars a week will accumulate to $5400 in one year’s time.

Tried and True Travel Tricks

Flying Wednesday to Wednesday is a great travel money-saving trick that always works. Every airline incorporates ever-changing pricing, with tickets that increase in cost according to availability and time of the week. To get the best airfare price, book three weeks or more in advance, and if you can travel from Wednesday to Wednesday, you can hack airline pricing algorithms to get the most affordable plane tickets available. Simple choices like cutting out alcoholic beverages during meals can lead to dramatic travel savings in the long run.

Saving Every Day, the Modern Way

Technology has made saving easier over the years. Smartphone apps like Mint, GoodBudget and Pocket Expense can help you become a computer-enhanced budget master. A little bit of web surfing can go a long way – the internet overflows with great date night money-saving ideas from websites, or you can search your city’s name followed by date ideas. Lifehack.com put together a great list of affordable date ideas, and sites like Funcheapsf organize tons of available fun and discounted/free events in the Bay Area. Most people are hemorrhaging cash in everyday expenses and don’t even realize it. Technology is a powerful tool that can help keep you on track toward your dream vacation fund. When it comes to everyday savings, $5 Macchiatos and $25 fitness classes are a couple of common splurges that can end up draining your dream vacation fund. When you look at your spending in an itemized and pie chart format, you can begin identifying costs that can be cut to get you closer to your travel goals.

“To get the best airfare price, book three weeks or more ahead of time, and if you can travel from Wednesday to Wednesday, you will be hacking the airline pricing algorithm to get the most affordable airfare tickets available.”